Portugal: test or digital certificate to enter restaurants and hotels

Last Thursday the Council of Ministers met to carry out the weekly assessment of the epidemiological situation in Portugal. The Minister of State and of the Presidency, Mariana Vieira da Silva, announced the new rules to reduce the spread of the disease and the risk levels of the various municipalities were communicated. The number of very high risk municipalities rose from 19 – last week – to 33 this week, with a strong concentration in the metropolitan area of ​​Lisbon and the Algarve. 

The Executive has decided to extend the ban on driving on public roads from 23:00 for municipalities with high or very high risk. The government has announced that the covid-19 digital certificate will be used in high-risk municipalities to allow access to restaurants (indoor only), tourist establishments and local accommodation facilities, throughout the country.

Measures implemented everywhere in Portugal

The digital certificate is now mandatory in hotel facilities (including Local accommodation/Alojamento Local) always and in all municipalities. For those who are not yet in possession of the  covid-19 digital certificate,  a negative test may be presented. For this purpose, four types of tests are allowed:

  • PCR test, performed in the 72 hours prior to its presentation;
  • Antigen test, if performed within 48 hours prior to its presentation;
  • Rapid antigenic test in self-test mode, carried out in the 24 hours prior to its presentation, performed in the presence of a healthcare or pharmaceutical professional who certifies its execution and its outcome;
  • Rapid antigenic test in self-test mode, carried out at the moment, at the counter of the facility you intend to attend, subject to verification by the managers of these spaces.

Measures implemented in high and very high risk municipalities

In the case of restaurants, the certificate will be used on Fridays from 19:00 and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays throughout the day. This means that restaurants will be able to close later on the weekend, i.e. they are no longer forced to close at 15:30, but at 22:30. This rule comes into effect at 3:30 pm on Saturday 10th July. For those who are not yet in possession of the covid-19 digital certificate, a negative test may be presented. 

In municipalities considered high risk and very high risk, a curfew is in effect at 11.00 pm, that is, half an hour after the closing of bars and restaurants, until 5 am. No exceptions are granted, neither to vaccinated people nor to those in possession of a digital covid certificate.

The use of masks on the street will continue to be mandatory until mid-September

Last month the Parliament renewed the mandatory use of masks in public spaces for another 90 days. Provision passed in Portugal on 28 October. After the deadline of 13 June, with the renewal for another 90 days, wearing the mask will be mandatory until mid-September. Controls are the responsibility of the police and municipal police, and those who do not respect this duty risk fines from 100 to 500 euros.

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