How to turn your job into a staycation in Portugal

These days, many of us have been ‘working from home’ – but with the flexibility offered by a raft of new remote work visas, ‘home’ could even be a sunny city in Portugal. These new temporary visa categories are meant to attract so-called ‘digital nomads’, tip-tapping laptop warriors with a stable income and a taste for adventure. If trading your home office for a wifi-outfitted beach sounds appealing, read on to find out how you can snag one of these special work permits.

Why Portugal?

There are many reasons why Portugal has become the go-to holiday destination on the continent: its colourful towns, balmy coastline and laidback outlook give it all of Spain’s main draws, only without the inflated prices that come from years of high tourism. Its sophisticated capital Lisbon has become quite the hub for digital nomads, and thus has some impressive infrastructure to support them – you can’t turn a corner without stumbling on some cool, space-agey warehouse full of laptop-wielders munching custard tarts in between Zoom meetings.

Not to be left out, Portugal’s Madeira island has its own remote-worker boom – in Ponta do Sol, a ‘digital nomad village’ that opened this year and acts as a live-work space for 100 lucky visitors. Each resident gets hooked up with their own workspace, free internet and access to a diverse roster of events at the village’s cultural centre.

Lisbon is a remote-worker paradise / Image: Adobe Stock

The best visa for digital nomads interested in making Portugal their home is the temporary resident permit, which can be renewed for up to five years and is aimed at freelancers and entrepreneurs. In contrast with most other digital nomad visas, though, applicants must prove that they are actively working with (or trying to make connections with) Portuguese companies. 

Basic requirements:

  • Must be self-employed
  • Must earn a salary or profit of at least €800 per month
  • Must provide a criminal background check from your home country
  • Must provide proof of accommodation in Portugal
  • Must submit at least once invoice issued to a Portuguese client

To apply, make an appointment at your nearest Portuguese consulate or embassy. If you need assistance you can submit your request here.


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