The Best European Destinations Ready For Vaccinated Travelers

The Covid-19 Vaccine Passport for travelling in Europe is becoming a reality. If no global decision has been taken by the European Union, the President of the European Union Commission, Ms Ursula von der Leyen supports the project of a common vaccination certificate and the World Health Organization is working on an international certificate.

Whether in digital or paper form, the vaccine passport or proof of vaccination will be issued by the country of origin and will allow travelers to move around Europe and to come to Europe from abroad, without having to do additional Covid-19 tests or enter quarantine. 

The document will state the name, date of birth, health system identification, type and date of the test and specific vaccines (date of the two doses taken), including respect for the immunization period according to the instructions for each vaccine.

Destinations open to vaccinated travellers

Some European countries such as Iceland, Sweden, Denmark but also Greece, Portugal, Spain, are implementing lightened health measures for vaccinated travellers by issuing vaccine passports for their vaccinated citizens and by recognizing vaccine passports / vaccination certificates issued by other EU and non-EU countries.

The Best European Destinations Ready For Vaccinated Travelers

Working with the tourism ministries of the European Union, European Best Destinations (EBD), has assembled a list of the “best destinations for vaccinated travelers”. If you want to avoid the destinations most affected by Covid-19 (for fear of getting stuck on the spot if your test is positive), prefer safest destinations in Europe like the autonomous regions of Madeira Islands and the Azores… if you are travelling by car, destinations like the Algarve, are good choices.


Portugal has been identified among those destinations where theft, crime rate and nuisances are below the European average, thus making it one of the safest destinations in Europe.

Covid-19 Information, Guidance, And Travel Policies

Please note that travelling by car does not exempt you from providing a negative covid-19 test. If the borders are still closed but you absolutely have to go to a European country for your work, countries like Italy, Portugal or Croatia are setting up residence permits for digital nomads. These professional visas will allow you to stay and work in the selected country.

The E.U. website,, provides real-time travel regulations for each E.U. country. 


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